Stinger BK500
Outdoor Insect Killer

Zap! Kill 2X more mosquitoes with our most powerful unit.  Fight back against annoying flying insects with our 5-in-1 Mosquito Kill System.

Stinger BK500-CAN  5 in 1 Mosquito Kill System with Energy-Saving Sundown Sensor

5-in-1 Mosquito Kill System with Energy-Saving Sundown Sensor. - UV24W Black Light and LED lights excite insects from a distance and lure them to the device. - New Mosquito Mode option cycles off in the main bulb at prove effective intervals so as not to...
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How It Works:
5-in-1 Mosquito Kill System

  • Black UV light attracts insects from a distance and lures them to the device.
  • energy$mart Mosquito Mode uses interval black light cycling to attract nearby mosquitoes.
  • Green LED lights remain on continuing to provide light attraction.
  • Thermal lure and NØsquito octenol lure provide additional attraction for flying insects and mosquitoes by simulating human breath and body heat.
  • New single kill grid is designed to more effectively kill nuisance insects and reduce clogging.

See how a Stinger® Insect Killer will help you make the most of your yard.

Make the most of your yard with a Stinger Insect Killer

1 compared to UV white light bulbs